Until It Ends

A Story of Gender Dysphoria

There is a war against Transgender people. Some are murdered randomly if they are found out. Some by Police. Presumably based on misinformation and/or illogical assumptions. There are literally School Principals, Priests and Politicians…

About The Author

Melinda Summer

Politicians who have nothing to add to the world are trying to kill children instead of allowing them to become Transgender and live happy, healthy lives; and are even threatening adults. This all started as a way for Doctors to try to keep children from ending their own lives. If you don’t know about child suicides first hand, that is probably how close you are to a transgender…

Readers' Reaction

What a beautiful eye-opener! I don’t know much about the stories of people with gender dysphoria, so the book Until It Ends: A Story of Gender Dysphoria opened me to their world and everything they inevitably go through. The strength it takes for them to be happy…  Read more

10/10 would recommend! Until It Ends: A Story of Gender Dysphoria is an honest tell-all of someone who actually has gender dysphoria. It is a welcoming book for people like me who don’t have it to be educated about gender…  Read more

Reading Melinda Summer’s story in Until It Ends: A Story of Gender Dysphoria is both informative and inspiring. It is so brave of the author to share a personal story, especially Melinda’s, to educate the public and shed light on gender dysphoria. Thank you, Melinda! Read more

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