Until It Ends

A Story of Gender Dysphoria

There is a war against Transgender people. Some are murdered randomly if they are found out. Some by Police. Presumably based on misinformation and/or illogical assumptions. There are literally School Principals, Priests and Politicians all acting to remove our civil rights and not treat us as people. 

The only reason I can think of is this is new since 2013; when the diagnosis was changed to Gender Dysphoria and classified as Mental Distress. The current treatment is to become Transgender to live a happy and healthy life, or the old option of ending one’s own life.

There is a political party that wants to refute the decades of scientific research that doctors are using, and laws are being written so that Doctors cannot help children and adults suffering from Gender Dysphoria, well until it is too late to help by not going through the wrong puberty. Sometimes children and adults need anti-depressants and/ or anti-anxiety medicine. At my age, it still depresses me that I went through the wrong puberty. I stood on that cliff many times with tears streaming down my face when I was thirteen, and the wrong puberty was starting.

Gender Dysphoria is when the Gender in the brain does not align with the Genitals between the legs and creates a problem, or distress for the individual. When a brain signal is sent to the genitals and the brain doesn’t understand the message it receives back, this can cause Gender Dysphoria. It is known in biology that all embryos are basically female. The current thought is that embryos are bathed in Testosterone, and this is how male fetuses are created. Some cells will take up testosterone while others do not. In a small number of embryos becoming fetuses, the cells taking up testosterone are only in the genitals and not in the brain. Other times, testosterone is taken up by the brain and not the genitals. The rest of the Embryos becoming fetuses remain female.

Trying to ignore dysphoria does not always work for long. Doctors, scientists and researchers have been searching for ways to reduce the number of adults, teens and pre-teen children who end their own lives. In 2013, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) updated the name of Gender Identity Disorder to Gender Dysphoria. This change included the mental health category to be changed from Mental Illness to Mental Distress, to be more accurate.

Until it Ends is my story of how Gender Dysphoria affected my life and decisions until I became Transgender. For children and young adults under eighteen, treatment involves socialization in the desired gender. Sometimes that may include anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications, even for adults. Puberty blockers and hormones are given to those under eighteen to stop the child from beginning the wrong puberty. This is when thoughts of ending one’s own life are the most dangerous.