About The Author Melinda Summer

Politicians who have nothing to add to the world are trying to kill children instead of allowing them to become Transgender and live happy, healthy lives; and are even threatening adults.

This all started as a way for Doctors to try to keep children from ending their own lives. If you don’t know about child suicides first hand, that is probably how close you are to a transgender child, and/or adolescent. I would have thought that keeping children alive is something that everyone would support. I have been so wrong. Political groups want children to die if they cannot fit into the box someone else has put them. “If you can’t live the way that we can understand, we would rather you were dead,” say the Politicians. So the same number of children still die, despite the Doctors’ best efforts and intentions. Laws are now being passed to make sure transition is not possible before it’s too late and the wrong adolescence begins with permanent changes, or even adults beginning to transition rather than ending their own lives.

Becoming Transgender is the treatment for Gender Dysphoria; the mental distress caused by the mind not aligning with genitals of an individual. Having to keep the distress private can cause an individual’s development of self to be incomplete because they are not allowed to be themselves.

A four-year-old has jumped out of a car in traffic and rushed into oncoming traffic because she was told she was not allowed to remain a princess once they got home. A seven-year-old has tried to jump out of a second story window because they could not get a boy’s haircut. I was thirteen at the top of a cliff, with tears streaming down my face. Nobody would have ever known why I stepped off that cliff.

In 2013, WPATH (World Professional Association of Transgender Healthcare) updated the name Gender Identity Disorder (GID) to the more correctly descriptive name; Gender Dysphoria. Also updating the category of Mental Illness to the more correct Mental Distress.
In the name, Gender Dysphoria, I suddenly realized what I had been suffering from my entire life, and I was not alone.